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We’re a new company but not new at
running a business. If you have a need
you don't see please just ask as we're
here to help and to expand our services
If it’s a 60’s or 70’s classic motorcycle or scooter we will bring it back to life to the
level you desire. Norton Commandos are our specialty and more recently 70’s Honda
Enduros (SL’s and XL’s) but our restoration techniques apply to all makes and models.
Namely this is our attention to detail and creativity both technically and aesthetically.
Our rates are also very competitive 'cause being in the country our overhead is low
Our specialty is Commando restoration and custom builds.
Commandos are Brit muscle bikes with tons of room for
personalization. The Mk2E itself has several upgrade options
plus most stock parts between Norton models are bolt-on
interchangeble. The 750 (+ superblend bearings) and 850
engines are very durable and plenty hot stock - “Ton Up”
capable, not bad for a late 1940’s engine design. Lots of
spares, stainless for everywhere - we can get carried away!

The key to these is finding one that’s mostly there running or
nearly and only needs basic work (no rust buckets). Then
you can spend your money on cool stuff - custom paint, LED
lighting and neat sounding & looking exhaust. We focus on
smaller capacity 350cc and under four strokes and can renew
anything from clutch plates to total engine rebuilds. We're
creative at finding parts and bikes plus our location in the
“Top of the Hill Country” has many places to test ride
Whether you’re building it, we're building it or someone else,
if you want a custom paint treatment and/or styling mods
like a custom seat, side covers, exhaust, etc. then we can
create original photo-based renderings. Working from photos
you provide or us or a local photographer, we'll turn them into
detailed renderings of all major painted components. Being
digital, different color schemes, graphics, seats, pinstriping, etc.
can be viewed before the final work begins. We’ll also consult
with your painter if needed
- Workshop Services (most anything mechanical) $40 per hr
- Oxyacetylene Welding $50 per hr plus materials & supplies
- Motorcycle Artwork (Photoshop, etc.) $35 per hr
- Consulting/Research $30 per hr (advice is free)
On bike builds, once we know what we're providing then we'll create an accurate estimate and build schedule
Bike estimates do not include bike shipment but I offer free
pickup and delivery in the Dallas/Fort Worth area unless it’s
a rush job then it’s $50-100 each way (max)
- Restored 750 or 850 pre-Mk3 Commando, typically $10K to $12K plus good donor bike
- Mk2E Commando (all goodies) $18K-$22K plus donor bike (’73-’74 850 mostly complete, running or near running)
- Mk2E Electric Start Conversion - Starting at $3,995 installed using your belt drive (options include “Baby Ham Can”,
Tri-Spark Ignition, Vernier Rear Isolastics Repair/Upgrade, Needle-bearing Swingarm Conversion, LED's, etc.)
- Honda XL 125 “Revival” starting at $2,500 plus donor bike (includes paint, seat recover, basic engine servicing,
minor wheel rebuilding, full carb rebuild, NOS ignition parts). Options include custom 12 volt electrical with LED
lighting (headlights, taillight/brakelight, dash indicator lights) and custom dash, custom mega exhaust & heat shield
Download PDF white papers
Click to download
White Papers (PDF format) with E-Start History, Conversion Costs and Options
Norton Commando
Electric-Start Conversion
If you need to discuss a project, have questions on a build, what’s included, estimates, time frames, or you just
wanna know more about riding in the Top of the Hill Country, please call or email or text me at:
We’re about 70 miles south of Forth Worth in Bosque County, an area where the Texas hill country begins called
“The Top of the Hill Country.” Wonderful scenery, nice uncrowded roads, exotic animal ranches that look like you're
in Africa. Bosque County is also home to the official Norwegian Capital of Texas, Clifton - once called “Cliff Town”
for reasons obvious. Nearby is the historic settlement “Norse” and a cool ride (lots of sweepers) thru “the gap”,
Cranfills Gap. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the Texas world to experience the hill country. With a
cycle build project we'll even provide you with accommodations when you come out for reviews & test rides!
Sheltered cove on the west side of Lake Whitney - one of the clearest, bluest lakes in Texas
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