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1968 Harley Sprint 250ss
Feeling pressure to compete with the Japanese in the smaller capacity market in the early 60's, Harley purchased a controlling interest in the established Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aermacchi. Aermacchi the parent company wanted to focus on building airplanes (Aermacchi translates to "Air Machine"). The Sprint is in just about everyway an Italian motorcycle except for its headlight (the only actual Harley part on the bike per Steve Reetz, former Harley dealer in Meridian, MS.) and of course the mini-ape hanger handlebars. In America it was considered a small bike but in Italy it was a pretty big machine. The 250ss was later enlarged to create the 350ss.
The Project...
This bike is a true survivor and was handed
down to its current owner from his grandfather who purchased it new. In the toolbox along with a complete set of tools was a note from his grandpa dated December 1970 when he'd last changed the oil - now how cool is that! Given its provenance and overall good condition, my assignment was not a restoration but a renewal. The all-original bike was running but not idling when received. The front fender needed much repair and a handle-bar mounting clamp required NOS rubber and paint. Since the owner wanted to occasionally drive the bike the original seat cover needed replacement as the vinyl had become brittle with age. A minor accident caused "road rash" scars on the dash and headlight lense. And so on, minor stuff all in all.

Most important in this renewal was not to get too carried away with the spit and polish but instead just freshen the bike up a bit, protect it against future corrosion and fix the obvious things mechanical and cosmetic, all within the budget of course.

PARTS: Many sourced from ebay and also Moto Italia out of California. Engine parts are plentiful - front fenders are "unobtanium." The taillight lense was a lucky repop find and the only time I've had to bid on a repop ($12 took the prize). What did we do before the internet?

Not to exceed $2500.00

SCHEDULE: Approx. 3 months

*as reported by Cycle World
Dry weight:
*1/4 Mile:
*Top Speed:
281 lbs
4-stroke OHV pushrod single
21 hp @ 7,250 rpm (claimed)
15 seconds
19.2 seconds
76 mph
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