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Key fixes needed
Gas tank needed cleaning out and the fuel petcock Rube Goldberg setup redone with new ethanol-resistant components
Front fender was cracked in two places (one was brazed) nearly all the way across. Scarcity of item required welding and refinishing
Road rash on fender
tip just part of the refinishing process using minimal filler, pro paint and steel wool scuffing to match rear fender
Built like an Italian shoe, the seat needed a new cover as the original vinyl was hard and seams were splitting. Foam and trim also renewed
Dash binnacle had road rash in two places along with the headlight lense which was made of a hard plastic such as
Missing indicator light was another somewhat difficult item to locate but the hole must be filled. Red is correct but blue works for now
Being a horizontal engine, an "o" ringed aluminum tube drains the rocker box oil to the crankcase and was leaking badly. Head removal was avoided with a split tube and section of "Vincent" rubber hose
Though a little banged up from a small accident, the taillight housing was in working order but the lense had lost its bottom right edge. After a while searching a good repop appeared on ebay
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Blue Bike
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