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Featherlastic bike photos
by Randy Anderson
Larger photo of Cycle World, Flastic and Graphic
Click for 750 Roadster
asically CCC is me, Bob Cox. Back in the early ‘90’s I decided
to get back into motorcycling after 30 years away and wanted
something unique. It was my memory of a
good friend’s 750 Norton Commando, his
only transport as a college student in the
late 70’s, that led me to seek one out.
It didn’t take long for one to surface in
Dallas near an
old neighborhood.
Small world.
After a mostly cosmetic restoration I went to my first
NTNOA* meeting met Phil Dansby and now 20 years
later we both still love to modify and ride these
old bikes. A frame-off re-restoration produced
my final version of this ‘73 750 Roadster
and at the 2000 National Norton Rally in
Torrey, Utah it received a 1st Place 750
Roadster award. The bike now lives in
Fort Worth inside the new owner's
living room I’m told, and in the AC
Bob Cox
1973 750 Commando Roadster - Lot’s of
Doc Storm parts on this bike
It’s a small world when it comes to old
Brit cafe “specials” as I learned after
this bike became a Cycle World article
in the May '06 issue. Dave Edwards
then editor-in-chief saw photos and put
Mark Hoyer on the project who did an
excellent job. My thanks to both/BC
Bob fiddling
with the
at 2005
Lake 'O The Pines
hile Norton Commandos may be our area of most expertise, we're also experienced in restoring a
wide variety of motorized craft from 70's go karts
to 6 wheel amphibious ATV's. And if CCC isn't the
best fit for your project then we'll do our best to
point you in the right direction. Most importantly
when you hire CCC to repair, restore, customize,
you’re buying experience, resources, creativity
and passion for reviving classic cycles
Photos above and below
by Paul Valentine
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Featherlastic &
MkIIE Builds
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We're supported by superb craftsmen - TIG welding and
racecar-quality fab by Brink Racecraft; ring gears and
cradle subframe magic by Norton specialist; paint done
brilliantly by Jason Small; Pinstriping and graphics by
Alton Gillespie. Norton ingenuity and ideas from Phil
Dansby. Parts are sourced all over the world with
many new spares from the UK. Specialties like
gas flowing and trick stuff - well that’s secret
The Blue Mk2E at Lake O’ The Pines NTNOA Rallye
214-636-7368 •
L to R; After milling, new trans top mount is line-bored; Starter alignment permanently
set for proper Bendix engagement in ring gear; Alloy starter, bracket and Bendix cover
Go to larger photo of cradle line boring
go to larger shot of cradle with tapped holes
go to larger photo of starter mounted with clutch basket on